Love was Dirty WordsNovella

Ian and Ellie have an unconventional sex life – at least, once a month they do.  That’s when Ian puts his collar around Ellie’s neck, his cuffs on her wrists and his flogger on her back.  When Ellie submits, she does it with her whole heart.

You can find Love was Dirty Words in the anthology Bound for Romance, available from Sizzler Editions.



Delilah’s PassionNovel

Delilah Anne Steele is running from a betrayal so painful she’s not ready to tell the story yet.  When fate dumps her in the town she grew up in, even her childhood best friend can’t heal her heart.

But can Aiden Dean?

Delilah’s Passion is available from Sizzler Editions


Triage - Short Story

When Charlotte gets separated from her group on their way to a Halloween costume party, she never thinks she end up at a BDSM club.

Triage is available from Naughty Nights Press.


Soft Suede - Short Story

As a Dom, Jackson expects two things: abject obedience…rendered immediately.  When his subbie, Bryce, arrives right on time, Jackson decides to reward him with an entirely new experience.

Jackson is so pleased that he extends an invitation to introduce another playmate to the pleasures of obedience. On the next visit, Bryce’s girlfriend Natalie comes with him to Jackson’s playroom for a night of sweet, delicious surrender.

Soft Suede is available from Breathless Press.


14 Days of Oh - Novella 

Grace Stevens has been living in paradise for three years.  After a nasty divorce, she packed up, left town and hasn’t looked back since.  She teaches water sports at a resort on a private island in the Caribbean and life is wonderful.

Logan Shayde checks into the Azul Isle one morning and rocks Grace’s boundaries.

Can Grace keep her cool?  Or will Logan be her downfall?


Megan’s Desire – Fawn Lake Book 2 – Novel

Megan Lewis is new to tiny Fawn Lake. Her life long dream of owning a dog rescue is finally coming true and the hunky handyman fixing up her run down barn is a fun distraction. When fun turns more serious, what’s a single-minded girl to do?

Megan’s Desire is available from Sizzler Editions.




Tech Love – Novel

Brynn Daniels is a twenty-something woman who fills her time working in the erotic bakery she owns.  When her sister bullies her into setting up an online dating profile, she never expects to find love.

Noah Parker is a self-proclaimed geek who’s looking for love in all the wrong places.  When he meets a flirty geek girl online, can they make it work long distance?


Darkling – Book 1 of the Fallen Star series – Novel

Nova Harper Whitley is every girl. She’s completely, 100% normal – if you call an abject devotion to checking your horoscope normal.

When a dark stranger shows up at the coffee shop where she works and bares his wings, devastation follows. Everything Nova has ever believed about her world comes crashing down and the only thing standing between Nova and the end of the world, is Nova.




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