Resolutions – the 2015 Edition

Apparently I never posted my resolutions for 2014. I’m sure I did them, because that’s what I do. But I have no clue as to where they are so I can judge me for falling short on all of them. Because I’m sure I did.

2014 was a rough year. Really rough. I’m seriously looking forward to 2015.

I’m in rough draft phase of book one in a new series. I’m looking for a publisher for that new series. I started work on a collaboration with a friend of mine – I’m not sure what we’ll do with that when it’s finished.

So, rather than my usual 10 resolutions, I’m going with 5 this year. It feels more attainable, and attainable is a good thing.

1 – Finish and release Shenanigans.

2 – Blog regularly. More regularly. Semi-regularly at least…

3 – Finish massive rewrites on Tech Love.

4 – Rough draft book two in the Shenanigans series.

5 -¬†Get on top of my beer blogging. I’ve got dozens of half written reviews I need to get posted.

What are you doing in the new year?

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