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I have a Halloween confession to make…

*Whispers* I hate horror movies. Like, I don’t mind the blood and the guts and the gore, but dammit if something jumps out at me, well, that’s just uncalled for. I’m sure you can imagine how much fun I am at haunted houses.

But I do love the paranormal. Vampires, fae, shifters, oh my! As long as they’re not jumping out at me. Which is probably why I love paranormal romance so much. The only things that jump out at you, well, they’re supposed to jump out at you. ;)

So, in honor of this hallowed occassion, leave a comment below with a link to your favorite paranormal romance read. And while you’re trying to choose just one, enjoy this excerpt from my sidhe novella, Half of Me.

“What kind of medium do you mix with your paint? Anything specific?” They wandered to a metal bench facing a wooden totem in the center of the room.

“Whatever catches my eye? I pick up random things I find. I do like to use natural items – feathers, beehives, bark. However, I tuck a page from a book into each piece I make. It’s my signature. Rather than sign my name, I make a paper flower from a book page.” The cold metal bench only highlighted the inches separating them, echoing the empty ache in his stomach.

“And you finished three paintings last night.” Drake cocked an eyebrow. He could feel her need lingering in her. Three paintings was a feat, but not enough to satiate her.

“Three smaller pieces, but yeah, I finished three paintings last night. It was crazy. How many people know what you are?”

He paused. “You.” The gravity of her question weighed on him and he wondered exactly how much she knew.

“Only me?”

“Only you. People don’t believe in anything anymore. The paranormal is something they read in books. They would rather think their success lies on their shoulders alone.” He shrugged, tipping his head to the side.

“But you’re leaving Iron Vengeance?”

“I think Iron Vengeance is leaving me. Let’s just say Minneapolis has a certain appeal for me.” Drake found himself leaning in as he spoke, completely invading Penny’s personal space. “There’s something I think we’ve forgotten.”

“Yeah?” Her words fluttered against his lips. He breathed her in and closed the gap, sealing her lips with his own. The effect was immediate. His dick went rock hard and his brain short-circuited. His only thought of how he had to have her right that minute, cold metal bench be damned.

His hands threaded into her hair, like silk through his fingers. He clutched her to him, soaking up everything that was uniquely her. His hips rocked against her, a strangled moan escaped his lips. One hand trailed down her back, gripped her hip and crushed her against him.

Penny gasped into his mouth, tongue sliding against his. Her fingers scrabbled at his shoulders, pulling him closer and pushing him away all at once.


If you enjoyed the snippet of Half of Me, the rest of the story can be found in Bound by Blood, a set of paranormal novellas here.

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  6. JeanMP says:

    Great snippet, definitely want to read more.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  7. Sarah,
    LOL I’m the opposite. The scarier, the better. :-)

    Wonderful post. Thank you for participating in the Halloween Hop. :-)

  8. Krysta B. says:

    My fav paranormal read, umm… can I just say the entirety of the Hollow series by Kim Harrison :)


  9. One of my favorites is the Tanya Huff’s Blood books.

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