Craft Beer for Noobs

beerSo you wanna try a craft beer. Feeling a little intimidated? Overwhelmed?

Don’t. The worst thing that can happen is you try a beer you don’t like, and if you can figure out what you don’t like about it, then you’re better educated about your beer preferences.


    1. If you want to try craft beer, I’m going to assume you’ve at least had a macro brew. Take your favorite macro, figure out what style it is and start there.
    2. Spend the time to set up an account with something likeĀ Untappd. You can not only track your preferences, but you can get suggestions based on your ratings.
    3. Go to a brew pub or taproom at a brewery. Getting a beer from someone who knows exactly what they are giving you will ultimately be a much better experience.
    4. Yes, most craft beers are more expensive. They also taste better. Penny for penny, you’re getting way more ‘good’ for your money with craft beer. You’ll probably also find you drink fewer craft beers. You’ll take your time, savor the experience.
    5. Share with a friend. Friends make (almost) everything better, but sometimes someone else comes up with just the word you’re looking for to describe that Creme Brulee Porter you just downed.
    6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Seriously. Any question having to do with beer is a good question.


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