Tuesday Ten – Ways to ‘Win’ @NaNoWriMo

Hey all,

Another Tuesday Ten, this one with helpful ways to boost your November word count, without making an editing disaster. Some of these seem like common sense, but like adverbs, common sense is best saved for December.

  1. Write ‘a comedy of errors’. Figure out the four – or whatever number works for you – things that could go wrong while your MC is walking to the coffee shop – or work – or wherever fits your story.
  2. Find every spare minute you can and use it to write. In the car, on the bus, at your kid’s karate class, at wrestling (wrestling is nice because it’s an hour long) at your allergy appointment. Learn to take your laptop everywhere, just in case.
  3. Don’t edit. Don’t edit. Don’t edit.
  4. See number three.
  5. Use a conjunction to add more to the story. “She sat on the ratty couch and the cat leapt into her lap,” rather than, “She sat on the couch.” (You can also do this with sentences that don’t suck.)
  6. Describe the ever loving monkeys out of your landscape. Even if you cut some description later, knowing what your characters are seeing/where they’re walking/what color their shoes are can provide a lot of insight into your character and his/her world.
  7. Write from your experience – something that’s really happened to you or someone you know – and then make it FANTASTIC!!
  8. When you’re stuck, introduce a new character. Describe the clothes, personality, make them clash with your MC.
  9. Do something silly – talk with a foreign accent, get up and dance, do a headstand – something to shake up your mood.
  10. When all else fails, ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” and then write it.
Any more suggestions? Add them to the comments below!
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