So, a bit of a personal update, more than a professional one.

First I wanted to thank everyone for donating to Kacey’s benefit. Every bit of burden that we can take from her parents is worth it. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child.

Secondly, in much lighter news, many of you know I moved in April. The house wasn’t quite finished and we’ve done quite a bit of work to the interior. The yard, on the other hand, we thought could wait. That was, until the boulder retaining wall in the backyard partially collapsed while my husband was standing on it.

He’s fine – completely fine, thank God – but had it been one of the kids? They wouldn’t have fared so well. So the yard has become a priority. We had a company come out and look at the wall to determine the problem, and it turns out that it was built wrong. The boulders are stacked incorrectly and the whole thing will likely continue to collapse piece by piece.

So we asked for an estimate.

Let’s just say the number was like a punch to the throat. It turns out that it’s really expensive to move thirty tons of boulders. So, while the yard is being gutted, we’re having a few other things done – sod, another retaining wall built where the dirt is being washed downhill – to save on the cost of seperate visits.

I thought it’d be fun to do before and after posts of the yard so you can all see the turmoil I’m living in ;) The before pics are below. It’s a disaster – complete with waist high weeds we can’t mow because of the rocks and left over construction debris in the ‘yard’. We cleaned it up as well as we could in the spring, but it’s far from perfect.

This is the lovely mess at the end of our driveway. If you didn’t hang a left to pull into the garage, you’d drive right off this ridiculous cliff and crash on the random pile of boulders at the bottom.

On the side of the driveway is one of the boulder retaining walls. It’s structurally sound – unlike the one in back – but it’s been neglected so long the top is washing away and it’s covered in weeds.

The slope o’ death is the only way for my kids to get to their trampoline in the back yard. It’s also worth noting that the only place in the yard where we can put the trampoline is directly next to the random pile of boulders.

Believe it or not, this photo shows the slowly crumbling retaining wall that tried to kill my husband. This is the patio that sits on top of the wall. The raspberry briars beyond the wall are the reason there are no close up pictures of the wall. The patio is too sloped to put a table on and the edges of it are crumblign away with the boulders.

Okay, general overview of the before. It’s too depressing to post any more, but I’ll keep you updated on our progress.


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