Kacey Rose Bush

After an old friend’s daughter took her own life last night, I got together with another old friend and she set up this fundraising page.

My friend Joe has raised his thirteen-year-old daughter with very little help or input from her mother. Kacey was a brilliant, funny, beautiful girl who we tragically lost too early.

I don’t normally share personally tragedies, and I don’t ask for money, but please consider helping a man bury his daughter.

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3 Responses to Kacey Rose Bush

  1. Grace Woodward says:

    I miss Kacey so much , she was my best friend when we were younger and she was even a flower girl in my aunt’s wedding with me . It’s kind of hard to believe she’s gone . I wish I could help Joe , but I don’t have cash !

  2. Maren Detzler says:

    As Kacey’s older sister, little things like this make my heart melt with joy. Every person like you who went out of their way to help my dad and the rest of my family mean the world to me. Thank you for all that you do:)

    • Sarah Sarah says:

      Thanks Maren. I’ve known your dad and Tessa a long time. WHat happened was completely heartbreaking and any way I could help was still not enough. ♥

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