I fail at frequent, or even regular, blog posts. Part of the problem (as of late) and some of you may already know this, but in March I had major surgery and then in April we moved. We’re still getting settled and the kids are still adjusting, but it’s been a wonderful change of pace.

The new house has more than twice the square footage of the old house – and that doesn’t include the unfinished basement. We bought a mostly-but-not-quite finished foreclosure that’s been empty since the builder went out of business in 2006. We’ve literally spent three months figuring out what does and doesn’t need to be done or fixed, our needs versus our wants for the house and what we can just live with for the long term.

In the mean time, I’ve been carving out a space that’s only mine to use for my writing. So far it’s going well and hopefully my mojo is back on track. Thanks for sticking with me this long.


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