Dirty Birdies Flock Hop

Eye candy…

Let’s file that under things that make you go hmmmm…

To celebrate the Flock Hop, I thought the best thing would be some images.

Here’s some David Gandy. He’s always my go-to when I need eye candy. I also love Ryan Gosling. 

I think that erotica – and romance in general – is like eye candy for our brains. We pick our favorite actor, musician or model, to portray a character in our heads and we live out the story internally.

And that’s my two cents. Who’s you favorite piece of eye candy?

For the Dirty Bridies Flock Hop, I’m giving away a $5 to Amazon or B&N. For the next stop on the hop, follow the linky…



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31 Responses to Dirty Birdies Flock Hop

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  3. beckey says:

    I completely agree erotic romances are a eye candy for your brain… :)

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  5. rayna says:

    Daniel craig, Gerard butler, any one with blue eye and long brown hair, and my husband

  6. susan platt says:

    my favorite eye candy is Gerard Butler or Jason Statham….just to name a few.

    susanmplatt AT Hotmail DOT com

  7. laurie goudge says:

    I completely agree erotic romances are a eye candy for your brain… :)


  8. Barrie says:

    My favorite eye candy is a shirtless man, with an amazing chest, on a motorcycle!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  9. Natasha says:

    I don’t have a favorite.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  10. Trix says:

    I like old-school Ewan McGregor, and certain hockey boys…


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  12. Vanessa N. says:

    I’d pick either Chris Hemsworth or Gerard Butler.


  13. Erotica and romance is eye candy for the brain! I’ll have to quote you on that. I love it.

    Maybe that’s why I can’t read enough. mmmm I’m addicted to the eye candy.


  14. bn100 says:

    The Rock

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  15. Jamie .M says:

    Love Hugh Jackman

  16. Melissa Keir says:

    I love the foreign guys… Gerard Butler, Keith Urban, Ewan McGregor. The accent will tip me over the top!


  17. JeanMP says:

    Gerard Butler is my pick.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  18. laura says:

    Erotic Romance is eye candy for the mind.

  19. Stacey says:

    I like Mark Harmon…but if I am looking for eye candy, I usually look at females, we are so much prettier than men! LOL


  20. Shelly Hammond says:

    I love the idea of eye candy for the brain. It’s the perfect description! Ryan Gosling is a very good choice for favorite eye candy. I recall having a bit of a crush on him from back in the days when he was on (shhh I admit I watched it!!) Young Hercules.
    My favorite eye candy picks would be Johnny Depp (old habits die hard), and probably Jensen Ackles. I’ve been watching Supernatural since season 1 and I have to admit that I’m not as into the last season or two as I was back in the day, but it still has Dean on it so I’m not going anywhere!!

    Thank you for the chance to enter the giveaway. Have a nice day one and all.

    Shelly H

  21. Joy F says:

    Channing Tatum and Gerald Butler are 2 of my favorites.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  22. Mandy Earles says:

    I’m in love with a lot of dead celebrities… Heath Ledger, Brandon Lee, River Phoenix. *sigh* Why do the gorgeous ones die young?

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Tina B says:

    I love those 2 as well! ;)
    One of my favorites is Jason Momoa. Also, Dwayne Johnson. I like the tall, dark, handsome and big!
    Thanks for the wonderful hop!
    trb0917 at gmail dot com

  24. jennifer mathis says:

    Jason Momoa is my flavor of the week

  25. Emily W. says:

    Well, I’m on a bit of a Marvel’s kick right now, so Jeremy Renner and Robert Downey Jr.


  26. H.B. says:

    Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Chace Crawford and Wentworth Miller. *sigh*

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  27. JanD says:

    My favorite is Joe Manganiello.
    bituin76 at hotmail dot com

  28. Shadow says:

    Hmm. One is Ian Somerhalder. Very fun hop! Lots of great books! Thanks for sharing and for the awesome giveaway!

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