The Basics of Starting and Running a Blog

Have you ever seen the post-it app for a Windows computer? No? I love mine like I love Excel. You know why? Because I can make lists and keep them at my fingertips. I’d list them for you, but honestly, I’ve got twenty or so of them, so instead, here’s a screen shot.

Your blog should not look like my desktop. A clean, concise, easy to read and follow blog is an author’s best friend.

  1. Buy links need to be easy to find, and don’t forget to set the links to open a new tab. It lets your reader shop for your book and keep your site open at the same time.
  2. If you write series, your readers want to know what order to read them in. This needs to be immediately obvious. Give each series its own tab, image, link, etc. on the main page.
  3. Where to find you – social networks and guest blog posts, signings, cons. Have a page with your contact info as well as your social links.
  4. Make your site easy to follow – I like Networked Blogs. The code is easy to copy and paste and you’re set to go. Some people have better luck with Google Friend Finder or Feedburner. Email signup is also great for your readers who don’t use social networking.
  5. While bright text colors and funky fonts are fun and they will make you stand out from the crowd, they’re also difficult to read and they’re more likely to drive readers away from your site than to it.
  6. Make sure to add tags to your posts. They help web searches find you.

These are what I consider the basics of starting and running a blog. As you write, you’ll learn the ins and outs, the little things. You’ll also figure out what works for you and your readers. No one knows your readers like you do – or will. Follow your instincts.

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