Tuesday Ten – Gamer Gifts

Following my (lazy) theme for November and December, I have another (and final) list of gift ideas, this time for the gamer in your life :)

  1. Cards Against Humanity – Like Apples to Apples, but dirty, rude and sometimes downright mean.
  2. Munchkin – a table top card game with additions you can mix and match, everything from Zombies to Pirates.
  3. 10 and 20 sided dice. Used in many table top games.
  4. Poker chips or similar coin like things – used for tracking levels and powers in lots of table top games.
  5. Game themed phone, laptop, iPod or iPad case and accessories.
  6. Microsoft points – available at any retailer
  7. Gift card to a local gaming shop. Keep it local folks, if you happen to live in Minnesota, check out Your Mom’s Basement.
  8. A clip on cup holder – they’re usually meant for poker players, but table top gamers will like one just as much,
  9. A wireless gaming headset with mic
  10. This computer mouse
Happy shopping,
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