Tuesday Ten – Writerly Gifts

Gifts for the writerly people in your life.

  1. Business card holder
  2. Fun/cute/patterned wireless mouse
  3. Phone skin of their book cover or blog header
  4. A signing kit – fun pens, black sharpie, silver sharpie, breath mints, notepad and a super cute bag to keep it all in!
  5. Writing books – I love the Grammar Girl books, but a style guide is great too!
  6. Notebook and pen for the nightstand – You can get custom notebooks on Etsy :)
  7. Flash drive! We writers can never have to many of those!
  8. Laptop bag/tote
  9. Power strip to keep in the laptop bag
  10. Voice recorder – sometimes an idea comes to you when you just can’t write it down


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