The Coffee Crusade

Those who know me, know that I have a bit of an obsession with Starbucks – particularly their Iced Chai Lattes. I am the woman in line in front of you whose drink name is so long the barista has to repeat it twice. It’s part of the reason I go to the same place whenever I can.

I get a venti, nonfat, 7-pump Iced Chai Latte. 

And according to their order board, it should be an Iced Chai Tea Latte, but Chai means tea in Indian and I refuse to be redundant. ;)

Anyway, by now you’re wondering why I’m telling you what kind of beverage I prefer. It’s not so that you’ll all send me Starbucks gift cards.

Really, it’s not.

I’m starting a Coffee Crusade. I plan to drink a Starbucks in every city I visit. So every once in a while, I’ll be posting a new adventure on my Coffee Crusade. I’m from Minnesota, I think everyone who reads my blog or my books knows that by now. The local cities aren’t such a big deal, though when Best comes with me we always have fun ;)

(And through a search on the Starbucks website, I discovered that there are over 50 stores within an hour drive of my house. I’ve been to maybe 10 of them…)

I’ll post once a week or so, until we’re caught up on my coffee adventures, and then I’ll post the new ones as they happen.

Happy Starbucks, folks ;)


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