Tuesday Ten – The Online Guide to Being Real Life Friends with an Author

Being an author isn’t like being a teacher, or a nurse or the shoe fit girl at Target. As an author, we have to sell our books, and ourselves, everywhere we go. Having friends who are supportive can make all the difference, so I present to you, The Online Guide to Being Real Life Friends with an Author.

  1. On Pinterest, pin her books covers and/or repin them if she pins them
  2. Share her links on Facebook
  3. Tweet and Retweet
  4. Suggest her Facebook fanpage to everyone you know
  5. Like, rate and review everything she publishes on every site you can – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoodReads, ARe, BookStrand – the list goes on
  6. Go to her signings
  7. Organize a signing if no one else does
  8. If you have a blog or a Tumblr, post her book(s) on it
  9. Tell your friends and family. Most sales are due to word of mouth. Flap yours!
  10. Give her honest, critical reviews – when she asks for them.


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