Tuesday Ten – Find/Replace Checklist for Submissions

  1. ‘ly’ – (‘He ran quickly.’ Your reader knows from the word ‘ran’ that it was quickly.)
  2. ‘Just’
  3. ‘ing’- (He was running = He ran.)
  4. ‘Pretty’ – (Pretty close = Close)
  5. ‘Started’ – (He started running = He ran)
  6. ‘That’ – IMHO, one of the most overused words in the English language. ‘He could tell that she was mad = He could tell she was mad.’
  7. Time stamps, such as ‘minutes’, ‘hours’, etc. Don’t tell us time has passed, show it.
  8. ‘Very’ – same as pretty. (Very close = Close)
  9. ‘As if’ – Not something you need to replace every instance of, but a phrase I see overused in a lot of contemporary romance novels.
  10. The dreaded ‘double space’. – Microsoft Word accommodates for spacing between sentences and has made the double space obsolete. I believe the change came with the 2007 version of Word, but you may want to double check.
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