My Top Ten Writing Goals – Part Two

I’ve managed to meet one of my goals already.  I got my first 5 star review on Goodreads for Delilah’s Passion. So I’m going to start a second list: Writing Goals I’ve Met. The original list is below.

  1. Write something that matters to someone.
  2. Be a screen saver on a kindle.  I know I’ll probably be dead before this happens (if ever) but it’s still fun to think about.
  3. I want my writing to get better with every book.
  4. Fan mail!  Someday I want to get an honest to goodness piece of fan mail.
  5. Get a book reviewed by Romantic Times.
  6. Have a 5 star rating on Goodreads.
  7. Break the ’100 visitors in a day’ mark on my blog.
  8. Get novels published in multiple genres.  I write in several different genres.  I’d like to succeed in all of them.
  9. Get a royalty check big enough to take my family out to dinner.  My entire family – it’s big.
  10. Hit 30 submissions in 2011!
Now that number six is crossed off, I’m going to add a new one: Get a 5 star rating from Romantic Times.
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