Fawn Lake – A Waldenized version of my hometown

Fawn Lake is loosely based on the place I live now – a sort of, Waldenized, ideal version of where I live now.  I like basing my stories on places I’ve been because I feel like it lends some realism to the story.  So I take what I know and I twist it to suit my needs.  I move buildings to where I need them and add businesses as I see fit.

The town I live in now doesn’t actually have a main street.  We have an elementary school, a gas station and a painfully small used car lot.  I took the areas that surround my town and relocated their businesses to create a Main Street.

Dean’s is completely fiction. Ice cream was a purely fluffy idea – the perfect place for Aiden Dean. Who doesn’t want a man who owns an ice cream shop? What small town is complete without one?


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