Literary Genres as Shoes

Wait?  What?

Yeah, you read that right.  I have a theory that literary genres can be compared in a sensible way to many other things. So, for the first in a series of related posts, literary genres as shoes.



Paranormal/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy









What do you think?  Any major genre I left out?

I know there are a few pairs I’d like to buy.  And I bet Daisy Harris is already trying to find those zombie shoes…

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4 Responses to Literary Genres as Shoes

  1. Ummm…. I want almost all those shoes. What I also found a little interesting is that I could decide what genres I liked by the shoes themselves.

    When I saw the dystopian pair I thought to myself WOW, I wonder where those shoes have walked. They weren’t just well loved and over worn, they took a beating!

    Oddly enough it was the steam punk shoes that got me really excited. I have never specifically read steam punk before, but I have been wanting to check it out. Those shoes are the thing that pushes me over the edge I think!

  2. Daisy Harris says:

    Omg, I SO want those zombie shoes!!!

    *runs out to find them*

    They’d go perfect with my Hello Kitty romper. :)

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