Building My Backlist

In my quest to submit thirty pieces this year, I never stopped to think about what I was going to do with thirty unaccepted short stories. I’m building this HUGE back list, but the longest pieces rank somewhere around 25,000 words.

That’s novella territory, which isn’t so bad. I know I’ll still be able to shop them, but what about the shorter pieces? One of my favorites, hands down one of the best things I’ve ever written is only 2800 words – clearly meant for an anthology.

So I took some time to make a spreadsheet (you’ll learn soon how much I adore spreadsheets and lists) so I made a spreadsheet listing all the publishers I could find information on.  I listed their name, website, their minimum word count and whether or not I was interested in them.  If it was a no, I made a note about why.

All told, I have a list of twenty-five publishers I’m definitely interested in submitting to and another ten that I’d be interested in under the right circumstances.  A few of them will even take stories as short as 2500 words. :D

I’ve got nine completed stories without homes right now and I’m confident now that I will find someplace for them.

I’m off to find a home for Narcissus Retold.



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